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Proceeding the PS5 SELF Dumper, PS5 DB Backup Payload, PS5 DB Rebuilder Ext for M.2 and External USB and PS5 PFSMNT Dumper updates Jeroendev One (nomadic20000 on Twitter) made available a PS5 Game File Dumper to help the PlayStation 5 Scene in obtaining PS5 Game Backups (File Dumps) with testing by @EchoStretch on Twitter for those with Exploitable PS5 Consoles to try out. :geek:

Download: (includes script) / GIT / dumpgame.bin (49.17 KB) via StretchEcho / dumpgame.bin (49.16 KB - PS5 Self Dumper 3xx / 4xx fresh build) via StretchEcho

Here's further details from the PS5 Game File Dumper

Thanks EchoStretch & Discord friend for testing

This code replaces step 2 to 6 from the game dump process by automating it.

Run this on Linux or in WSL2:
python3 <ps5 ip> <ftp port> <PPSA title_id>
This will grab all the required files from ftp including the NPWR files. They are a placed in the script directory in a folder named dumps.

ex: usage
python3 1337 PPSA02739
### Steps for dumping game files
At This time it seems digital games and some physical games will work

**NOTE** PS5 SELF Dumper will only work on 4.03/4.50/4.51

1) Dump Game (Opened Game) /mnt/sandbox/pfsmnt

2) Dump Game Files (copy folder content (files and folders))
/system_data/priv/appmeta/PPSAXXXXX/ -->> PPSAXXXXX-app0\sce_sys\

3) Dump Game Files (copy folder content)
/user/appmeta/PPSAXXXXX -->> PPSAXXXXX-app0\sce_sys

4) Open npbind.dat to see uds and trophy folder
5) uds00.ucp (named uds.ucp)
/user/np_uds/nobackup/conf/NPWRXXXXX_00/uds.ucp -->>PPSAXXXXX-app0\sce_sys\uds\uds00.ucp

6) trophy00.ucp (named TROPHY.UCP)
/user/trophy2/nobackup/conf/NPWRXXXXX_00/TROPHY.UCP -->>PPSAXXXXX-app0\sce_sys\trophy2\trophy00.ucp

7) Decrypt self files with sleirs ps5-self-dumper then copy files to game dir
1) Download socat
2) Place ps5-self-dumper payload in socat folder
3) Open PS5 browser to Specter host
4) Open windows cmd in socat folder and type both commands
      socat -u FILE:dumpgame.bin TCP:<ps5 ip>:9020
      socat -u -d -d -d TCP:<ps5 ip>:9023,reuseaddr OPEN:game.tar,creat
5) Open game.tar and copy/replace files in PPSAXXXXX-app0
PS5 Game File Dumper by Jeroendev One (Nomadic20000).png


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