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Proceeding SELFUtil by dmiller423 (Znullptr), SelfUtil Patched by SpecialFoodx (mtnjustarie) and the PS4 Fake PKG Tools 3.87 V6 update earlier this month, developer @CyB1K aka Cyberpt1000 let us know on Twitter he added Selfutil_PS5.exe to SelfUtil-Patched for converting PS5 FSelfs to PS5 ELFs alongside the required DLL files below for those in the PS5Scene interested in working with PS5 Game File Dumps. :geek:

Download: Selfutil Patched v1.2 (PS4 / PS5) / msvcp140d.dll (732 KB) / selfutil_patched.exe (183 KB) / ucrtbased.dll (1.57 MB) / vcruntime140d.dll (109 KB) / GIT Fork

Spoiler: Depreciated

Here's further details from the included SelfUtil-Patched

based on dmiller423's version, cleaned the repetitive data before the first segment (usually at 0x4000), added the version segment and added more options.

every option has an argument, and is optional.

Added Selfutil_PS5.exe to work with PS5 fselfs

The same selfutil will now work for both PS4 and PS5
Selfutil_PS5.exe SelfUtil-Patched for PS5 FSelfs to ELFs via CyB1K.png


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