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  1. Fail0verflow PS4 / Liverpool AMDGPU Port for PlayStation 4 Linux

    Following their 33c3 2016 Postscript over the weekend, PlayStation 4 hackers Fail0verflow have been busy updating their PS4 Linux Github repository with help from Clem (LibCG) including an AMDGPU PS4 / Liverpool port. :geekxf2: Download: / PS4 Linux AMDGPU GIT / AMDGPOCL...
  2. Fail0verflow's PS4 Console Hacking 2016 33c3 Postscript Detailed

    As promised, following their 33c3 2016 presentation Fail0verflow have updated their Blog with a console hacking 2016 postscript by PlayStation 4 hacker Marcan. :ninja: Slides: Online / Download / Source Code Check it out below, to quote: Console Hacking 2016: Postscript Another year, another...
  3. mcmrc1

    Fail0verflow's Linux on PS4: 3D Drivers Working, Radeon Patches

    Following their Linux on PS4 Kernel release, fail0verflow have announced news of PS4 3D drivers working alongside some Radeon patches with details below. Download: / GIT / PS4Linux Video Drivers Some new information about Linux on PS4: Fail0verflow get the 3D...