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  1. New PS4 Fake PKGs (FPKGs) by DUPLEX, MOEMOE and UNLiMiTED!

    Back in the day I was a massive WWF fan (before the World Wildlife Fund took over the World Wrestling Federation's acronym in May 2002), so now I can only name a few of the WWE characters pictured below... Andre The Giant, The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock with the only one...
  2. DUPLEX PS4 Fake PKGs (FPKGs) Latest PlayStation 4 Scene Releases

    In PS4 Scene news today following their previous releases DUPLEX is back with some more PS4 FPKG Games for those with Jailbroken PS4 Consoles to enjoy alongside another from MOEMOE also! šŸš DCL.The.Game.PS4-DUPLEX DCL.The.Game.Update.v1.01.PS4-DUPLEX...

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