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  1. amiibohound

    Permanent PS4 Retail Themes with Unlocker PKGs Collection

    Hi all, I dumped these PS4 retail themes from my original PlayStation 4 and created the unlocker package files using the Python script from TheRadziu on Github (aka @AluPL) following THIS guide by @Mangekyou222 with the Windows GUI Front-End from @Backporter. Thanks guys...
  2. Making Permanent PS4 Themes with Official PKG's Guide by Panzah1488

    This is a guide from @Panzah1488 (tested by both @jwooh and @Broka) on how to make permanent PS4 Themes using official PKG files for those interested. (y) Permanent PS4 Retail Themes with Unlocker PKGs Collection Here's what you do if you want permanent PlayStation 4 Themes, or follow the...
  3. Mangekyou222

    Making a PS4 Theme PKG for 4.05 / 4.55 Tutorial by Mangekyou222

    Previously we saw some PS4 Custom BGM and Theme PKG Files followed by the PS4 Custom Theme Preview Image Creation Method for PS4 Theme Editor, and today following my fully functional MGS V Theme (and a Blonde Theme by diegoshark :D) here's the guide I made: How to Make a PS4 Theme PKG for 4.05...