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  1. SHM: Sony Homebrew Manager for PS4, PS Vita and PS3 by MRGhidini

    Over the weekend PlayStation homebrew developer @MRGhidini (GuidoGhidini on Twitter) made available his SHM open-source Sony Homebrew Manager covering PS4, PS Vita and PS3 consoles on Github with a quick guide, further details and download links below. :coolxf2: Download: Sony Homebrew Manager...
  2. PSVIMG Tools VPK Updates to Decrypt PS Vita Game Backups!

    Following PS Vita PKG Decryption, PS Vita Keys, the recent F00D Hack and F00D Processor Octopus Exploit today PlayStation Vita developer Yifan Lu updated the PSVIMG Tools GIT releases section with a dump_partials.vpk and more to decrypt PSVita game backups! :love: Download: dump_partials.vpk /...
  3. xxmcvapourxx

    PSVIMGTools for PS Vita Backing Up / Restoring Data by Yifan Lu

    To celebrate PlayStation Vita's birthday, PS Vita developer Yifan Lu with help from H of UkakNEH made available PSVIMGTools for backing up and restoring data on the PS Vita handheld console similar to the PS3 backup tool. :cool: Download: / (Mirror)...

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