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  1. Editing PS4 Game Saves with Save Wizard on 4.70 Guide by Nitrowolf2

    A few months back we saw a 4.50 Bypass Tutorial from @Niohjapan, and today he let us know he's shared an updated guide allowing those with a PlayStation Plus membership and two PS4 consoles to edit their 4.70 game saves using Save Wizard. :-D To quote from Nitrowolf2 on NGU: How To Use Save...
  2. PS4 Save Wizard Guide to Edit PlayStation 4 Game Saves by Nitrowolf2

    Earlier this week we reported on the Save Wizard for PS4 MAX with some source code, and today Nitrowolf2 made available a PS4 Save Wizard guide for those considering getting it to edit PlayStation 4 game saves. :thumbsupxf2: To quote: PS4 Save Wizard Tutorial I see a lot of people are having...

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