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  1. PS4 GBA Emulator Port Demonstration Video by PlayStation Homebrew

    Following the emulation news earlier this weekend of RetroArch PS4 (Orbis) Support development in progress, today PlayStation Homebrew made available a PS4 GBA (GameBoy Advance) emulator port demonstration stating the following notes in the video's description: GBATemp ported to PS4, compiled...
  2. PlayStationSharp: A C Library for the PlayStation API by Tustin

    Following his PSN API PHP Wrapper updates and the recent PSN API Python Wrapper, PlayStation 4 developer @Tustin shared a C# library he's been working on called PlayStationSharp for the PlayStation API with other devs and those seeking to learn today. :geek: According to a recent tweet on his...
  3. Jeff

    Connect PlayStation (PS1) to the Internet with PSXNET Library

    PlayStation homebrew developer Lameguy64 has recently released a PSXNET Library, which allows users to connect the original PlayStation (PS1) video game console to the Internet! :eek: PSXNET A simple library and client program that will allow the original PlayStation to connect to the internet...