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  1. XxZer0ModZxX

    MultiZer0 4.78.05 (4.80) CEX-DEX [Resident_Evil_Edition]

    multiZer0 4.78.05 (4.80) CEX-DEX [Resident_Evil_Edition] Hallo once again! First i would like to say thx to a lot of users for the nice Comments and PM's i received up here, also on our site and youtube ofcourse! Thats what keeps us going these days.. bit support does the trick! Anyway.. for...
  2. PS3 CEX / DEX (Retail to Debug) Objective Suites for Devs Repack

    Following PlayStation 3 scene releases including the PS3 CEX (Retail) to DEX (Debug) Conversion Method and CEX2DEX Application for Any PS3 NOR / NAND Flash Dump, today zecoxao made available the DEX / CEX Objective Suites with clean executables for reverse engineering by other developers...