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PS3 Jailbreaking       Thread starter XxZer0ModZxX       Start date May 2, 2016 at 8:45 PM       7,645       19      
multiZer0 4.78.05 (4.80) CEX-DEX [Resident_Evil_Edition]​

Hallo once again!

First i would like to say thx to a lot of users for the nice Comments and PM's i received up here, also on our site and youtube ofcourse!
Thats what keeps us going these days.. bit support does the trick!
Anyway.. for now i found some extra time while coding and created a new multiZer0.

People that like one of the other editions on the link below .. ?
.. leave a comment and i resign them + update this topic for it.

Also any ideas are always welcome.. someone asked me for Mario Bross.. who knows.. (=


*Vid coming soon!

multiZer0 v04.78.05 (4.80) Changelog:
  • Latest GameDisc Support for 478-4.80CFW
  • FLASH/DUMP LV1 - LV2 (ID's) for Custom Firmware CEX till 4.78-CFW
    (Nice to devs for testing some homebrew)
    (Working on 4.80.BIN in next release)
  • EBOOT.BIN - SPRX fix till 4.78-CFW
  • Latest Showtime [Movian] Bleeding Edge (04.99.812) Thx to multiMan.
  • Compressed bitrate when coded pam-file to get more quality.
  • Added Image Combo :
    When launch multiZer0 and press 5 times R1 .. (till the 5th image)
    Press L1, after R1 again, L1 again.. and so on..
  • Fixed ImageSize that prevents lag on multiZer0/XMB when read memory in vsh.

    Build Info:

    Package Configuration:
    ContentID = MZ0PS3-multiZer0_4.78.05_CEX_DEX_Resident_Evil_Edition
    Klicensee = 0x00000000000000000000000000000000
    DRMType = Free
    ContentType = GameExec
    PackageFlag = RenameDirectory (during install for consistency)
    PackageVersion = 01.00
    # TITLE_ID : BLES22886
    # VERSION : 01.00
    # APP_VER : 04.80
    # PS3_SYSTEM_VER : 00.0000
    # QA_Digest : 0x3A3406C063C1723B463BA24FB0E8572A
    # Packaged by : MODDED V1.0 - Original Rev. 1732
    Allocating disk space for the package: 147,023,984 bytes.
    Generate Package : "MZ0PS3-multiZer0_4.78.05_CEX_DEX_Resident_Evil_Edition.pkg"
    Entry list: [213 entries]

    Spoiler: Click to read more
Download :
[I][B]MZ0PS3-multiZer0_4.78.05_(4.80)_CEX_DEX_Resident_Evil_Edition.7z[/B][/I] 142.1 MB



be nightmare
Following the news , A new manager was released.
This manager is moded version of multiman and based on it ! You can already manage your files and games like before with new features.

**New Features :

-Work carefully on every CFWs
-More performance than the original
-Release times are less than before
-Run games without boot disk
-Faster than original multiman
and more features ...

**4.78.05 changelog :

-Support 4.80 CFW & Games
-Options for ISO files
-Fix : problem with Image files size

Download links :

Link 1 (mirror)


Staff Member
Heya @mobile1199, I merged your post in the thread by @XxZer0ModZxX temporarily.

I notice you linked to his thread in your post, the only part that confuses me is the download link in your post is the same as his :confused:

If yours is a new version (based on his mod) let me know and feel free to edit your post with a new download link, and then I will separate the threads and promote yours to the main page also. :)