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  1. Gamesonic Manager v3.93 PS3 Game Backup Manager by Orion90

    It's been awhile since his last revision, but PlayStation 3 developer @Orion90 is back with Gamesonic Manager v3.93 followed by v3.95 PS3 Game Backup Manager which now supports 4.81 / 4.82 Custom Firmware accordingly alongside further updates for 4.83 / 4.84 CFW below. :) Download...
  2. Gamesonic Manager v3.92 PS3 Game Backup Manager by Orion

    Just days ago Gamesonic Manager 3.90 was released followed by a bug fix, and today PlayStation 3 developer Orion is back with yet another update bringing the PS3 Game Backup Manager to version 3.92! Download: Gamesonic-Manager-3.92.pkg (9.3 MB) Below is a rough translation of the changes, to...

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