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It's been awhile since his last revision, but PlayStation 3 developer @Orion90 is back with Gamesonic Manager v3.93 followed by v3.95 PS3 Game Backup Manager which now supports 4.81 / 4.82 Custom Firmware accordingly alongside further updates for 4.83 / 4.84 CFW below. :)

Download: Gamesonic-Manager-master.pkg (8.4 MB) / Gamesonic Manager v3.94 Beta 2 / Gamesonic Manager v3.95 + Control Fan Utility.rar (6.68 MB) / Gamesonic Manager (Latest Version) / GIT by theheroGAC (Twitter)

To quote from Orion90, roughly translated on the changes: Gamesonic Manager v3.93 - Added Support for CFW 4.81

After all this time we bring you an update of Gamesonic Manager that adds support for CFW 4.81 and solves some problems with the payload Mamba.

Changelog v3.93:
  • Added support for CFW 4.81
  • Payload mamba added v7.2 (no support for PS2 and PSP .... If you want to use the emu is much more
  • practical to use a Cobra CFW)
  • Payload discless updated with the 4.81 files
Changelog v3.95 via Orion:
  • Added Compatibility with CFW 4.82
  • Solved Many Bugs with Control Fan and Sm Plugin
  • Solved Bug with Gui Control
  • New Code to detect Mamba and Cobra Payload (Thanks to aldostools)
  • PIC1 in now showed by default in XMB-Like GUI
Control Fan Utility Unofficial:
  • Added Compatibility to all CFW
Full tested on FERROX 4.82 lite and Cobra (thanks to Alexander)

Gamesonic Manager v3.93 PS3 Game Backup Manager by Orion90.png



plz i want ask u guys how do i use method of backup for ofw if i don't have cfw ps3 !

and can i download backup of someone from net and use it with other ps3 games that i already downloaded

Thanks anyway :D


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plz i want ask u guys how do i use method of backup for ofw if i don't have cfw ps3 !
Here are links to a few methods for that:
Also here is Gamesonic Manager v3.94 Beta 2 via franzes80 with the changelog roughly translated, to quote:

Download: Gamesonic Manager v3.94 BETA 2.pkg (4.73 MB)

Changelog BETA 2:
  • Fix a problem with the games
  • Audio changed
  • Fix the problem in Select in select games
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