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  1. Restoring Call of Duty PS3 Game Backup on OFW 4.81 Demo by Ivanev

    Today I show you my video with restoring and working Call of Duty game backup on PS3 OFW 4.81. Method soon.. do you want? That research was tiresome. Its possible guys, its possible. ;) Update: Method time to run backups on OFW 4.81! First thing - game must have official patch! (im working on...
  2. PS3 Game Backups on OFW 4.70 Consoles Without ODE and IDPS Guide

    For those who haven't been following the PlayStation 3 scene lately, now you can run PS3 game backups on official Firmware (OFW) 4.70 consoles without any ODE and IDPS using the game injection method detailed below. This is a bit reminiscent of the PS4 PSN Trick to Unlimited Share Games and PS4...