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  1. PS3Lock v0.91 PS3 Password Protection Plugin by MixeryMaxe

    PlayStation 3 homebrew developer MixeryMaxe has updated his PS3 password protection plugin homebrew application to PS3Lock version 0.9 followed by a v0.91 bug fix and v0.92 with the changelogs detailed below. To quote: PS3Lock is an authentication-system for CFW capable PlayStation 3. A...
  2. mcmrc1

    CFW Settings 0.1 for PS3 Custom Firmware by Mysis

    Hello, following his PS3 plug-ins comes a great release from developer mysis called CFW Settings for PlayStation 3 :) It allows you to Remarry BD without downgrading and Factory Service Mode without a dongle which is very nice :) Download: xmb_cfw-settings.0.1.rar To quote: CFW-Settings 0.1...