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  1. PS4 Advanced Warfare Mod Menu by Swaqq, Sabotage & Blasts Mods

    PlayStation 4 modders Swaqq, Sabotage and Blasts Mods shared a demonstration video today on Blasts Mods YouTube Channel of their PS4 Advanced Warfare Mod Menu for 1.76 consoles. (-8 Check out the CoD: Advanced Warfare mod menu demo below, and to quote from blasts on NGU: Hey guys, Swaqq...
  2. Live, Load Azura PS4 GTA Menu Mods in 1.76 Browsers

    Following SendPSN Tools today 2much4u and Octolus put together, where PS4 1.76 console owners can load Azura PS4 Menu Mods from PlayStation 4 developer @2much4u such as his GTA Mod Menu straight from the console's browser! :thumbup: From the Downloads Page, to quote: Azura PS4 In...