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Following SendPSN Tools today 2much4u and Octolus put together, where PS4 1.76 console owners can load Azura PS4 Menu Mods from PlayStation 4 developer @2much4u such as his GTA Mod Menu straight from the console's browser! :thumbup:

From the Downloads Page, to quote: Azura PS4

In order to load Azura, you need to follow three simple steps.

1.) Open up a web browser on your 1.76 system.
2.) Visit the url:
3.) A interface should now appear, here you can enable FTP or load the Azura GTA Menu.

That's it, simple right? You can favorite/bookmark this page to load it easier in the future.


★ Enable Debug Menu
★ Enable FTP Server
Enable Permanent Web Browser
★ Load Azura GTA Mod Menu

Here is a screenshot: Live, Load Azura PS4 GTA Menu Mods in 1.76 Browsers.jpg

For security reasons you are not able to access our playground in the browser. We don't want anyone to leech it. Hopefully everyone can respect that (-:

Spoiler: Tweets



Good news for modders :D, but i really hope that it is not going to try to sell something on ps4, not now, it's too early.

No HEN, No Plugin, nothing XD
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