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  1. PS4 IDPS / PSID Dump Code by TheoryWrong and 2much4u

    Back in December we reported on the PS4 1.76 Kernel IDPS Address, and today PlayStation 4 developers @theorywrong (Twitter) with help from @2much4u (Twitter) shared some PS4 IDPS / PSID dump code for others to implement in their projects, while noting the IDPS is still missing some bytes at the...
  2. PS4 API: Application Program Interface by BadChoicesZ & Kurt2467

    A few days back we saw an Unlocking PS4 Trophies 1.76 RTM video, and today @BadChoicesZ and @kurt2467 return with a PS4 API (Application Program Interface) demonstration using PlayStation 4 kernel-1.76.elf for those interested! :biggrinxf2: From the video's caption via Kurt2467's YouTube...
  3. PS4 Waker by DHLeong Wakes Your PlayStation 4 Over LAN via PS App

    Wakey wakey time!!! :shudders: PlayStation 4 coder DHLeong has been developing PS4 Waker which kicks PS4 Wake by dsokoloski up a notch allowing users to now wake your PS4 console without a PS Vita over LAN (Local Area Network) via Sony's official PlayStation App. Download: