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  1. SFlash0Unpack: Unpack SFlash0 Files in PS4 Flash Dumps & PS4NORExtract / PS4NORUnpack

    Previously we've seen guides on How to Obtain Your PS4 SFlash alongside some example file dumps, and today developer @zecoxao shared on Twitter SFlash0Unpack which is a script to unpack sflash0 files from PS4 flash dumps for PlayStation 4 scene devs to examine followed by a PS4 SFlash0 Tool by...
  2. Obtaining Your PlayStation 4 SFlash via PS4 Root FTP Server Guide

    PlayStation 4 developer zecoxao recently shared a simple guide on how to obtain your SFlash from a root FTP server should something go terribly wrong with your PS4 console while trying to hack the hell outta it :p Here's the brief tutorial on how to grab your SFLASH from Root FTP Server, to...