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  1. PS4 Remote PKG Sender Remastered Fork for Installing FPKGs by Pineapple Geek

    In PS4Scene news developer Pineapple Geek recently shared a PS4 Remote PKG Sender Remastered fork on Github of Iref-use's previously released PS4 Remote PKG Sender GUI for installing PS4 FPKGs on Jailbroken PlayStation 4 consoles. šŸŽ® Download: / GIT This comes...
  2. PS4 FPKG Game Updates with Mismatched Title ID / Region Patch Guide

    Following his Making Mods with PS4 Cheater Tutorial, PlayStation 4 developer @MODDEDWARFARE announced via Twitter he's updated his YouTube Channel today with a guide on handling PS4 Fake PKG (FPKG) game updates containing a mismatched Title ID / Region Patch. :geek: This comes proceeding How to...

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