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  1. PS4 API: Application Program Interface by BadChoicesZ & Kurt2467

    A few days back we saw an Unlocking PS4 Trophies 1.76 RTM video, and today @BadChoicesZ and @kurt2467 return with a PS4 API (Application Program Interface) demonstration using PlayStation 4 kernel-1.76.elf for those interested! :biggrinxf2: From the video's caption via Kurt2467's YouTube...
  2. Installing PS4 PKG Files Using a Function vs Debug Settings

    PlayStation 4 developer flat_z has been researching RAPs and RIFs for years with one of the more recent PS3 RIF to RAP / RAP to RIF converters being RifConv GUI, and today he hinted at how to install PS4 PKG Files (Tutorial) with the function itself rather than through the PS4 Debug Settings...