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  1. PS4 1.76 Database Mod by eXtreme to Run Installed PKG's on USB HDD

    Following their recent updates, the PlayStation 4 modders at e✘ shared a PS4 1.76 database modification today for running installed PS4 Package (PKG) files on a USB HDD. :veryhappy: To quote: You can run your installed Apps and Games from USB HDD ;-) I have tested it with OMSK...
  2. PS4 Demo Console Model CUH-1115A IDU Utility disc?

    i don't now where to post this so sorry if its in the wrong area. i have a ps4 demo console its a CUH 1115a model i got it from Ebay it has some trailers installed on it its really cool and has an app called IDU Utility does anybody now where i can get a ps4 IDU disc? also believe it or not i...

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