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  1. Mathieulh PS4 Scene PSA: Get PS4 Pro on 3.70 OFW, PS4 CFW Rumors!

    Not long after the Chaitin Tech PS4 Exploit which was patched in 4.06 OFW we reported on a PS4Pro 0Day Exploit... and this weekend PlayStation Developer @Mathieulh tweeted a friendly PSA reminder to the PS4 scene to get a PlayStation 4 Pro on 3.70 OFW while you still can and DON'T update beyond...
  2. PS4 3.55 Syscall Fun from Specter, Yifan Lu on TaiHEN Feasibility

    Following his previous update, PlayStation 4 developer @SpecterDev tweeted that he's currently having System Call fun through reverse-engineering the PS4, and when asked by @kazookid0 which Firmware he was running he confirmed 3.55 in the Shoutbox which is always GREAT to hear as he did develop...

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