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  1. PS4 ESFM Decryption Tool for Extracted TROP.ESFM Files by lKetaPanl

    Recently PS4Scene developer @KetaPan aka lKetaPanl made available a PS4 ESFM Decryption Tool via Github for use on PlayStation 4 extracted TROP.ESFM trophy files once ensuring the correct NP Communication ID format in TROPHY.TRP files. :geek: Download: (12.2 MB -...
  2. PS4 Trophy Unlocker PS4_Tools Homebrew App by xXxTheDarkprogramerxXx

    Following his PS4_Tools preview and the recent TrophyTimestampFixer release, today PlayStation 4 Scene developer @TheDarkprograme (YouTube Channel) made available via Twitter a PS4 Trophy Unlocker homebrew application for Windows with a brief usage guide below. 🏆 Download:
  3. NP-32046-5 Helper Script to Fix PS4 Encrypted Trophy Errors by Sorrow446

    Since sharing the PS4 6.72 to 5.05 Game Backporting Instructions proceeding the 6.72 PS4JB earlier this month, PlayStation 4 scene developer @zecoxao passed along some additional details via Twitter outlined in the Tweets below alongside an NP-32046-5 Helper Script to Fix PS4 Encrypted Trophy...
  4. Resigning PS4 Trophies from Retail to Debug Guide by Zecoxao

    After the snazzy PS4 Retail / Debug Game Transfusion Tutorial and PlayStation 4 Trophy Resigner Script over the weekend, developer @zecoxao has been nice enough to share a guide on resigning PS4 Trophies from Retail to Debug with the help of Charles and @happyelement (harlequin) today! :lovexf2...