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Those seeking a simple 6.72 PS4 Jailbreak Exploit Menu may want to check out the latest below from @Leeful via Twitter alongside a couple work-in-progress (WIP) demo videos of his upcoming PS-Phwoar! Host Menu For 6.72 v1.0 that he plans to share once more testing is done! 😍

Also following the ESP8266 Xploit Host 2.84b update, below are links to the current PS4 DNS Exploit Menus from @Al Azif on Twitter with some related Tweets as follows:
:idea: Reminder: Those without a blue Verified Badge yet on Discord to access the private areas should Join Us now to become Members, as there's a lot we're unable to share publicly including the latest 6.72 / 5.05 Backported PS4 FPKGs. 🏴‍☠️

Spoiler: Related Tweets

6.72 PS4 Jailbreak Exploit Menu & PS-Phwoar! Host Menu Demo by Leeful74.png



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@Leeful are you planing next version ? Because not always this work on first try... In my case when i copy your files to pendrive and connecting to my routerh and i press www (on ps4) with right path to index.html file i see host menu but i see Loading Cache only max 93%..... And not always exploit load OK when i press Load Exploit then Load Mira or Load Exploit + Mira...


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@FrogDR It is a different version of Mira for people to try. At the moment there is NO version of Mira that works perfectly with everything. There are constantly different versions of Mira being compiled to try and fix certain issues.

For example at the moment the default version of Mira that loads with the 'Load Exploit + Mira Together' button works perfectly for me when loading and installing games from an extended storage USB but other people have reported that it does not work for them.

The (MIRA UNOFFICIAL) is another version of Mira that some people prefer to use. that is why it is included.

Remember that Mira is still a work in progress and it is not finished. Any problems that people have saying this does not work or that does not work are all problems relating to Mira.

One day hopefully all these issues will be fixed or maybe a version of HEN will be released for 6.72 and we can do things like we did on 5.05 without relying on Mira. :)


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@Leeful i understand t hat everything on 6.72 is a "beta" version and not finished.. No problem with that.. Hope you and others figure it out and it's gonna be 100% stable...

But i don't think it's only problem with MIRA Because when i insert the address in web browser it's showing me Installing Offline Cachee :94% and it's stop.

Then i click Load Exploit and it's says Loading Exploit... And KP... and console shut down... No MIRA clicking and have this problem... So it's not only MIRA thing...
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