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Those seeking a simple 6.72 PS4 Jailbreak Exploit Menu may want to check out the latest below from @Leeful via Twitter alongside a couple work-in-progress (WIP) demo videos of his upcoming PS-Phwoar! Host Menu For 6.72 v1.0 that he plans to share once more testing is done! 😍

Also following the ESP8266 Xploit Host 2.84b update, below are links to the current PS4 DNS Exploit Menus from @Al Azif on Twitter with some related Tweets as follows:
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Spoiler: Related Tweets

6.72 PS4 Jailbreak Exploit Menu & PS-Phwoar! Host Menu Demo by Leeful74.png



Senior Member
@Leeful Thanks bro, your new 672v3 with latest Sleirsgoevy while self hosting i best, on my CUH-2016, hibernation/wake up is working together with Mira (Unofficial), for now 0 crash

One correct i had a crash while load Jailbreak + Mira Unofficial together, maybe, when use seperate Jailbreak, wait a while and then load Mira Unofficial it will have more succes rate


Senior Member
@Leeful its strange in v4 i had a problem to wake up console from hibernation with Mira Unofficial, i checked it 2 times

Is there a way to create log file from last operation? If it is i could send it


@Leeful - I've tried the original and V3 and I have one issue. Upon visiting the pages, it tries to cache, and then stalls at 94%. Despite that, I can then load the exploit and Mira unofficial, but the failure to complete the cache concerns me. I've completely deleted cookies and history and website data but no change. Should I be concerned about it?


Senior Member
@picopico1919 It should reach 100%, try this.
  • With the exploit page open press the options button >settings and select delete cookies and clear webdata.
  • Then press the PS button. (do not exit with the circle button!)
  • Open the browser again and it should cache correctly.
I've just checked v3 and v4 again and all the files are working on the server and they both cache to 100%.
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