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Those seeking a simple 6.72 PS4 Jailbreak Exploit Menu may want to check out the latest below from @Leeful via Twitter alongside a couple work-in-progress (WIP) demo videos of his upcoming PS-Phwoar! Host Menu For 6.72 v1.0 that he plans to share once more testing is done! 😍

Also following the ESP8266 Xploit Host 2.84b update, below are links to the current PS4 DNS Exploit Menus from @Al Azif on Twitter with some related Tweets as follows:
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Spoiler: Related Tweets

6.72 PS4 Jailbreak Exploit Menu & PS-Phwoar! Host Menu Demo by Leeful74.png



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@stripnwild I see you bite the bullet Mate! and upgraded your PS4 FW to 6.7.2. How are you finding the change? concerning all your installed 5.05 games?

Your feedback would be most welcome Sir. Thank you kindly for any help, Tips or advice.

Erica Game is almost pushing me over the edge to jump to 6.7.2 for my daughter to play it.

Best Regards,


@Leeful Just wanna report again my experience with your v4. Works now like a charm for me! I already reported to you I have less success with v2, but v4 gives me stability from the first attempt. So thanks for enhancing and improving your work!


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@demonfish - yep i decided to move to 6.72. I simply put the update pup on a usb (i didnt use the recovery ...just the update pup).

Then i watched @MODDEDWARFARE vid (he didn't go into safe mode to update etc... he literally turned off the internet on the ps4.. and then went into sytem ...update etc) so i followed that ...and it worked fine!!

THEN all i did was turn on the internet again... enter leeful's address (im using v3 btw and seems to work fine) and that's it... everything works!! Older 5.05 games and their saves... and also my ps2 remakes (and their saves) and of course all the new games that are out work great!!!

Tonight I'm going to try out: Hollow Knight Voidheart Edition and Deaths Gambit :D
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