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Those seeking a simple 6.72 PS4 Jailbreak Exploit Menu may want to check out the latest below from @Leeful via Twitter alongside a couple work-in-progress (WIP) demo videos of his upcoming PS-Phwoar! Host Menu For 6.72 v1.0 that he plans to share once more testing is done! 😍

Also following the ESP8266 Xploit Host 2.84b update, below are links to the current PS4 DNS Exploit Menus from @Al Azif on Twitter with some related Tweets as follows:
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Spoiler: Related Tweets

6.72 PS4 Jailbreak Exploit Menu & PS-Phwoar! Host Menu Demo by Leeful74.png



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@stripnwild todex allows you to just delete patch, dlc, download, or temp data without deleting the base game. You press start on the game icon on the home menu. The starred options are from the todex payload.

Aladin Toel

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@Leeful Do its time to say goodbye to 5.05 and also i have request can you make pls for child friendly 6.72 hen the only thing i used for my children for easy to them to load up just like the one by kiwii and also im the one who edited it to PS4 HEN2.1.3 since kiwii is busy at that time plsss


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I am sorry to ask Guys but am in two minds ? To stay on 5.05 or commit to 6.7.2. I was nearly going to bite the bullet and do it... until I read that people are experiencing problems with games installed on a USB external storage ?

I have quite a few games on a USB 5TB external storage.. I set the storage up via the PS4 interface officially , so it created the extended storage.

Now my question is... will jumping to 6.7.2 affect them games on the USB External ? or is this not a problem now with @Leeful payloads ? and the games on the external will load and work just as on 5.05 ?

Thank you kindly for any help or assistance.

Best Regards,
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