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Following my previous release, I put together an Android app to host the 4.55 exploit and payloads.

You have to setup a wifi hotspot with your phone/tablet and connect the PS4 to that hotspot or connect the phone/tablet to the same network the PS4 is on.

Then install the app and open it and at the top will be the address you need to connect to with the PS4.

Your device might ask you about installing an application from "unknown sources" this is ok to allow, it just means its not coming from Google Play.

You just select the payload you want to run in the app and then use the PS4 to goto the address that you see in the app.

To change the payload just select it in the app and then use the ps4 to revisit/refresh the address again.

you can add more payloads to the app you just plug your phone into your computer and copy any payload BIN file you like into the PS4_455_Payloads directory.

Right now the 4.55 exploit and hen payload are really unstable and you will have to try loading it again and again until the exploit works and payload injects properly.

You will get a lot of "There is not enough free system memory" errors, just select ok and keep trying

Once you fight it enough the payload will work and you will be able to install and play pkg games.

Download: Ps4_Serve2_v2_0.apk (1.8 MB - Changes)

Spoiler: Depreciated

Eye candy:

Android App to Host PS4 4.55 Exploit and Payloads by Stooged.png



I don't know if it's just my setup, but I have game freezing issues in anything above 1.6 at the moment.

I went back to 1.5, and I haven't had these problems so far.



After I kept getting the freezing issue (on the new exploit method), I went back to using the old exploit method, still with the new vortex hen file that came with the installer. (I made sure to delete the 4.55 payload directory before updating.) The issue didn't cease to happen.

I'm using PS4 4.55pro, if that helps anyone.

1.5 works like a charm so far. :)

Oh and, I get similar issues using the DNS method. (getting HEN online) / Again, 1.5 rocks.


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@stooged maybe i didn't explain good enough, so here's the whole story

I downloaded 1.9 version and installed on my phone with android 4.4.4. When i launch apk i have 6 options on screen.

Then i installed same apk (send from phone to tablet) on samsung tablet with 4.4.2 android, and when i launch apk i have only 5 options.

Here's the pictures, first is from mobile, second is from tablet, as you can see, same apk looks different on different devices

And picture from tablet



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the HEN (holygrail) payload was included in an internal set of payloads which is written from the app to the PS4_455_Payloads directory on the very first launch of the app.

when xvortex updated his hen to 455 I removed HEN from the apps internal set of payloads.

what this means is if you installed the app when it contained the HEN payload it would have been written to the PS4_455_Payloads directory and it would stay there through app updates because the app does not delete the PS4_455_Payloads directory when you uninstall it or update it.

if you install the new versions of the app on devices that have never had it installed on before you will find no HEN payload because its not a part of the internal payloads anymore.

what you are seeing with HEN missing is an intentional change I have made.
this is a snippet of the code that writes the payloads in the latest versions of the app, as you will see there is no HEN.

if you want the holygrail hen back you can add it to the PS4_455_Payloads directory.

I removed it because we have no source for it and its buggy.
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