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Following my previous release, I put together an Android app to host the 4.55 exploit and payloads.

You have to setup a wifi hotspot with your phone/tablet and connect the PS4 to that hotspot or connect the phone/tablet to the same network the PS4 is on.

Then install the app and open it and at the top will be the address you need to connect to with the PS4.

Your device might ask you about installing an application from "unknown sources" this is ok to allow, it just means its not coming from Google Play.

You just select the payload you want to run in the app and then use the PS4 to goto the address that you see in the app.

To change the payload just select it in the app and then use the ps4 to revisit/refresh the address again.

you can add more payloads to the app you just plug your phone into your computer and copy any payload BIN file you like into the PS4_455_Payloads directory.

Right now the 4.55 exploit and hen payload are really unstable and you will have to try loading it again and again until the exploit works and payload injects properly.

You will get a lot of "There is not enough free system memory" errors, just select ok and keep trying

Once you fight it enough the payload will work and you will be able to install and play pkg games.

Download: Ps4_Serve2_v2_0.apk (1.8 MB - Changes)

Spoiler: Depreciated

Eye candy:

Android App to Host PS4 4.55 Exploit and Payloads by Stooged.png



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Why does the new rewrited exploit cause a crash and the old works fine but with alot of trys zhats on 4.55
Add to that on 4.05 hen was almost 100% success rate
And many thanx for your support bro


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@Akramff it look as if the exploit rewrite changed something in the memory area that causes lock ups and resets.

@stooged I found that 4.55 kernel.js under HEN is slightly altered and they use holy grail (or a varient) I just wondered what you made of it, and if it was possibly useful for better stability?


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Today i tried using xvortex hen instead of old exploit. Nightmare. Js errors, out of memory, game freezes, and when i finaly play something, closing aplication is not working, endless loop, and i have to pull power cord.

I guess it's time to update to regular firmware and forget nightmare called 4.55 jailbreak, it's not worth the effort and risk of killing console with constant power killing.

Glad that for some people everything works ok, sadly for me not, so if anyone have idea or solution, now is the time for it ;(


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@Koh23 I will try a full recovery after checking/formating internal hdd on a pc. There's no reason to have more fails than others on the same hardware with a same software (y) You should try again with a clean hdd on a clean system !!!


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I personally have no issues with old exploit at all apart from out of memory which a press of x performs a retry until it works which causes no harm.

New exploit works first time but have had loading / close issues with some games

But if you really can't get on with it maybe sell it on to someone who may want an exploitable ps4 if you can get enough money for a new one.

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