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Following my previous release, I put together an Android app to host the 4.55 exploit and payloads.

You have to setup a wifi hotspot with your phone/tablet and connect the PS4 to that hotspot or connect the phone/tablet to the same network the PS4 is on.

Then install the app and open it and at the top will be the address you need to connect to with the PS4.

Your device might ask you about installing an application from "unknown sources" this is ok to allow, it just means its not coming from Google Play.

You just select the payload you want to run in the app and then use the PS4 to goto the address that you see in the app.

To change the payload just select it in the app and then use the ps4 to revisit/refresh the address again.

you can add more payloads to the app you just plug your phone into your computer and copy any payload BIN file you like into the PS4_455_Payloads directory.

Right now the 4.55 exploit and hen payload are really unstable and you will have to try loading it again and again until the exploit works and payload injects properly.

You will get a lot of "There is not enough free system memory" errors, just select ok and keep trying

Once you fight it enough the payload will work and you will be able to install and play pkg games.

Download: Ps4_Serve2_v2_0.apk (1.8 MB - Changes)

Spoiler: Depreciated

Eye candy:

Android App to Host PS4 4.55 Exploit and Payloads by Stooged.png



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OK got it working over the network but could not get tethered to work.

Anyone who has a PS4 that has never used PSN should go to the following:

First and run the Perma WebBrowser Patch to enable you to use the web browser normally.


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Does anyone has a proper and complete noob tutorial please from updating the ps4 to activating the browser for the 1st time, activating the jailbreak, send payload, run a game... Please :)


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@mschumacher69 You have to load the user's manual in the system settings and click around using website links. Try navigating to youtube then look for google links. Until you are able to get to a google search then you search and load the Perma WebBrowser Patch.

Sorry I can remember the web links that I clicked in order to get there.

I think the general process was I clicked the support link on the bottom of the User's guide, then loaded a sony website link then clicked on the title of a youtube video on the sony site which loaded up the video in a YouTube window. Then I clicked around to get to google search.


Version v1_0 works perfectly, although it takes a few tries. Version 1_1 gives me a panic kernel. Has anyone tried the latest version?


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@ppp222ppp You are going to get panics with all versions even the 4.05 hen would cause panics.
The 4.05 exploit is much better at successfully executing but this 4.55 still works.

You just have to keep trying, its the same hen payload in v1.0 as in v1.1 and v1.2 i will change then hen when xvortex updates his hen as his payloads are the best imo


Is there a DB & Saves Backup payload in the works for 4.55 also? That's the main reason I'm not updating yet. I always used you Android App, but without that payload, I don't feel safe :p


People EXPLOIT IS 10000% UNSTABLE.. Do yourselves a favor and stay on 4.05. U will be sorry like me if u update to 4.55...

A perfect 4.05 messed up ...after update to 4.55....

Plz stay on 4.05 until 4.55 is fixed...

Unfortunately 4.55 is A NOGO...

I'll wait for a stable hen from vortex. OTHERWISE IM TOAST :(
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