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Download: ArtemisPS3-GUI.pkg (Latest Version) / GIT

An Open Source PlayStation 3 Hacking System created under the Project Artemis initiative.

How To Use:

Please refer to the Installation file for installation and use instructions.

  • Install MAMBA and PS3MAPI payload (if not already installed)
  • Load artemis_ps3.sprx into VSH
  • Access codes from an online database
  • Access user codes
  • Allow for users to enter their own codes from Artemis
  • Sorts codes and games alphabetically
  • Fixed end of codelist crash (PRX)
  • Uses memory container instead of malloc (PRX)
  • Can be unloaded (PRX)
  • Loads PRX correctly on Start (GUI)
  • Updated MAMBA (4.60D, 4.70D, 4.75, 4.75D, 4.76, 4.76D)


Source: Dnawrkshp Github


:arrow: Update: PlayStation 3 developer bucanero (Twitter) of also made available an Apollo Save Tool for PS3 utilizing the Artemis-GUI codebase for those interested:

Download: apollo-ps3.pkg / GIT

Apollo Save Tool v0.5.0

First public release.

  • Save file listing (+ details)
  • Save file SFO unlocking (remove lock flag)
  • Save file PFD resigning
  • Save file download from Online Database
  • Automatic detection of PSID/Account-ID settings

Apollo Save Tool by Bucanero.png


Another update from @Dnawrkshp bringing it to Artemis r5 is also available with details below from the official GitHub page:

Download: / / r5.tar.gz

Artemis r5
  • Added support for 4.76 CEX/DEX and 4.78 CEX/DEX (thanks Ps3ItaTeam)
  • Updated code database to Bungholio's April 28th, 2016 update (thanks Bungholio)
  • Artemis packages will now be held in the releases tab of the GitHub repository.
Here's also Artemis r4 for archival purposes and collectors:

Download: ArtemisPS3 / / r4.tar.gz

Also below is an unofficial ArtemisPS3 r5 update from haxxxen:

Download: ArtemisPS3-GUI.pkg / ArtemisPS3-GUI.pkg (Mirror)

ArtemisPS3 r5 (UnOfficial)
  • Fixed constant write for pointer codes (type 6 codes). Pointer codes were only once written and you had to activate them everytime from ingame xmb with start button. now this is not needed anymore ;)
  • Fixed prx unload from gui and made proper detection for cobra and mamba.
  • Now you can unload artemis_ps3.sprx from artemis gui in main menu with square button, though you have to wait for the "press start to attach" popup. it will single beep if successfully unloaded, or double beep if not loaded at all. you will also get debug output
  • Changed the memory management comparing to his original source, which has improved stability. there are still cases, where games cannot handle artemis prx, but now it doesn't crash anymore, when you exit games.
  • Removed an unnecessary syscall (sys_ppu_process_yield). dunno if it also improves stability, but on my side everything works smooth now with artemis gui and prx
  • Added 4.81 mamba payload to artemis from mambaloader (mamba and mambaloader payload).
Has anyone had any luck using this with FFX hd remaster? I seem to be getting hit and miss results even with the december 2017 database update. All it seems to do is take longer for it to load the cheats.
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