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It's that time of year again, with Walmart (PDF) and many other retailers already posting their Black Friday 2017 ad scans online featuring deals on video games, electronics, toys and more! :tree:

In keeping with tradition, here's some PSXHAX favs from the 2017 listing on with what you can expect to stand in cold, dark, overcrowded lines for hours to save a few bucks on this holiday season. :D

Personally I think I'm going to try snagging a few of the SanDisk 64GB MicroSD cards for $14... let us know what you're hoping to score this year in the comments below! :santa:
Black Friday 2017 Ad Scans Featuring Video Game Deals and More!.jpg


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I know there will also be some killer Cyber Monday deals at places like and if anyone has some other online shops with BF/CM deals feel free to share them in this thread so we'll be broke after the holidays. :shudders:


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Checked with Kohl's, and they said Uncharted 4 Slim bundle won't be on sale

A Slim 1TB bought earlier this month is reported to be 4.55

So the Uncharted 4 Slim bundle on Amazon Prime day for ~$230, or last year's Black Friday $250 are still better deals, unless you consider Kohl's Cash.

Here's hoping for higher fw exploits and downgraders in the future. Bought my [email protected] already anyway since not expecting rips to be available.


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I agree. Horizon is a top notch game. It "sold out" according to BB website but I went to my local store and there were a bunch of copies on the shelf at regular price.

So I asked the cashier to price match and they did after lecturing me about the pre black friday ads being "online only" and for stuff that hasnt "sold out". Funny thing is it was the same price on amazon but I didnt jump on it and it too "sold out".

/end story
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