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A few months ago I posted a BwE Complete PS4 NOR Removal Guide followed by my BwE PS4 NOR Comparator, and today's Tutorial covers a lesson in corruption repair on PS4 NOR Repairs by Better Way Electronics.

Here in my favourite example we have a dump that does not boot, is ultimately displaying signs of a BLOD but when the dump is validated it shows the following results:

UNK Dynamic PerConsole Section Filler 2: ✔
UNK Static Section 1: 000000 [DANGER]
UNK Dynamic Section 20 (SKU Byte): 00 [DANGER]
UNK Dynamic Section 21: 0000000000000000000000000000 [DANGER]
UNK Filler 4: ✔
UNK Dynamic Section 22:
00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 ✔
UNK Filler 5: ✔
UNK Dynamic Section 23:

Well large blocks of 00 is obviously not good, but what about the UNK Dynamic Section 23? Well I give this area (and the areas below it) WARNING's as it generally has blank spaces sporatically throughout its section. So no big deal! I just can't explain why there are blank spaces!

The real issue is the UNK Static Section 1 and UNK Dynamic Section 20-22. Hence the DANGER output!

If you were to open this dump in a hex editor (I prefer HxD) you would see from 0x1CE000 to 0x1CE1FF (A length of 200) you would see this:

BwE PS4 Dump Repair 1.png

Now this corrupt dump is a CUH-1001A on version 6.20 - If I were to look at a similar dump, with similar specs I would see:

BwE PS4 Dump Repair 2.png

Its quite clear what the solution is! Copy this data from the working dump into the corrupt dump! But Should I?

Well luckily the above static section and dynamic sections that were corrupt are GENERIC. This means they are not tied down to a specific console or even version.

To explain a bit better, here is a quick run down of the possible results for the corrupt area:

The possible outputs for the UNK Static Section 1 are only going to be 0007FF (Unless you are stuck in IDU mode, it will be 0107FF - which I consider a 'DANGER' output). So its quite obvious that there is no other replacement for this corruption!

The next area is the UNK Dynamic Section 20, it is a bit different as it is based on the SKU of the console. The possible outputs are: 07 (Retail) or 06 (Dev/Test). It is again very obvious what to replace it with. Easy!

Now the UNK Dynamic Section 21 is a bit more weird as it is dynamic but can also be static among multiple consoles with very different SKU's and versions. For example, 28 of my dumps have this as the result: 0007FF0700030C04000000040000. This makes it easy to replace! If it didn't work, I would have tried the other results (there are not that many).

The UNK Filler 4 was always going to be blank space, but was it FF space or 00? Well that was easy to figure out.

UNK Dynamic Section 22 is the most complex section. While it is dynamic I was able to prove through my research that it is NOT tied to a specific console. It is highly dynamic, maybe only 2 of 100 consoles will have the same result, but when they do they are totally different SKU's and versions. I ultimately have no idea what this section is, but I do know it's transferable!

Again, the final UNK Filler 5 is a simple fix!

The final result is that logically, I can feel safe in copying the area from 0x1CE000 to 0x1CE1FF verbatim from a similar console! So I did!

So I ran the patched dump in my validator again and ta-da!

UNK Dynamic PerConsole Section Filler 2: ✔
UNK Static Section 1: 0007FF ✔
UNK Dynamic Section 20 (SKU Byte): 07 (Retail) ✔
UNK Dynamic Section 21: 0007FF0700030C04000000040000 ✔
UNK Filler 4: ✔
UNK Dynamic Section 22:
F9020000F90200009885B400000000003401000034010000A881B700000000006602000065020000AC901C01000000004D000000 ✔
UNK Filler 5: ✔
UNK Dynamic Section 23:

The results come up perfectly! (Ignoring the WARNING). Putting this data on the PS4 resulted in it booting up once again! No more BLOD! Amazing!

This is why my BwE PS4 NOR Comparator tool is so damn useful, this is the best method for understanding what areas of a corrupt console can be patched!

Remember if you want to help my BwE PS4 NOR Validator, send me dumps (but please label them (version, model & issue etc))!

If you like what I do, or just like me for me, buy me a coffeeeee!
For some strange reason, if your ps4 core os gets corrupted, and displays the error SU-30631-3, you can "fix" it by just patching the region with random garbage, and then attempting to update. this means that the coreos isn't hashed in snvs.
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@BwE like to try but i Am not that skilled. I see someone make a click on nor reader with a pi3 sort like a E3

Made by dwarman1 on verified discord channel.
@pearlxcore this is a one off issue with a customer as far as I know. Should this happen to more consoles I would happily make a program to auto patch it like I did for WiFi/BT.

@Vincentted nope. Cell chips are unique to the console.

@koosknlo I have made a guide to remove NOR chip, just look at that! It's easy. Even easier with chipquik
Thank you BwE for the information. A lot of consoles will come to life again thanks to your hard work. May there be more people like you! An amazing job! Thank you
@Vincentted If you have enough skills you can replace it by:
get a new cell from another motherboard and you will need to get Nor chip and Syscon chip too from that motherboard. and if your console CECH-25xx or newer you will need BD-drive IC also.
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