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Awhile back developer MrStPL-codes shared on Github a CatherineBmdExport utility to export the dialogue from Catherine: Full Body on PlayStation 4 among other platforms with an importer also in the works as detailed below. :cool:

Download: catherineBmdExport.rar (154 KB - includes catherineBmdExport.exe) / GIT

:idea: The game's title ID is CUSA14836 for Verified Members, and from the included to quote: CatherineBmdExport

Tool for exporting dialogue from game Catherine for PC/PS3/PSV/PS4 etc.

The program could be better, but I don't have that much free time. The most important thing is that it works ;)

I worked out the file structure myself. The program works 100% with the PC, PSVita and PS4 versions. (The tool has been tested on them, but is very likely to work on X360 and the rest).

The import tool will be available soon ;)

It's already done but I need to add him support for Catherine Full Body (PSVita / PS4 ...)
Catherine Full Body BMD Export PS4 Dialogue Exporter by MrStPL-codes.png


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