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Following the PS4 Custom BGM, Theme PKGs & PS4 Background Wave FBXD Format, below is a brief guide by me (@Persona4Golden aka FLRIZBACK on Reddit) for changing the PlayStation 4 System Sounds:

1. Changing PS4 Login Sound
  • The login sound can be found in : /preinst/priv/systembgm/ and the file is called bgm_login.at9.
  • A .wav file can be easily converted via at9tool.
  • To change it, bgm_login.at9 needs to be replaced or renamed to bgm_login.at91 etc, via Full R/W FTP such as OrbisFTP.
  • Reboot.
2. Changing PS4 Background Music
  • The background music can be found in : /system_ex/app/NPXS20001/systembgm/ and the file is called bgm_main.at9.
  • A .wav file can be easily converted via at9tool.
  • To change it, bgm_main.at9 needs to be replaced or renamed to bgm_main.at91 etc, via Full R/W FTP such as OrbisFTP.
  • Reboot.
3. Changing PS4 System Sounds
  • All the files can be found in: /system_ex/vsh_asset/ and the file is called Sce.PlayStation.PUI.rco (previously named Sce.PlayStation.HighLevel.UI2.rco, not sure at what point a new firmware changed that).
  • The .rco can be easily extracted via cxml-decompiler.
  • The files converted will be in a .vag format. Most of them are 0:01 or 0:02 seconds in time, in .vag 4-bit ADPRCM 438kps at 48kHz stereo files.
  • A .wav file can be easily converted via MFAudiov11.
  • The system sounds are named randomly in numbers and letters, however a description of each file is included in the decompiled .xml file (Original and Decompiled Files by Lotus78).
Example of some file names:
  • 56EE0770.vag - default homescreen sound
  • 74C05F5C.vag - back menu sound
  • 15AA1C1E.vag - pop-up/prompt sound positive
  • 69F5140F.vag - notification sound
  • AA49BE90.vag - trophy sound
  • 11D917FE.vag - navigation back game
  • 6F9CDE26.vag - logout sound
  • BE5AD806.vag - login sound
  • 5320D326.vag - pop-up/prompt negative sound
  • B69D1B60.vag - back menu from game sound
  • 21FFB5A9.vag- boot game sound
    • Unfortunately here is where the progress ends, next and last step would be recompiling the .RCO file and replacing it via Full R/W FTP such as OrbisFTP, however no such program/script exists as of now.
  • Reboot.
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@surlary and those of them who wants to play around with the files, here are original and also the decompiled files.
  • as I'm still on 5.05 the RCO file is called Sce.PlayStation.HighLevel.UI2.rco
  • the VAG files are automatically converted to WAV (so you have both Versions)
  • the exactly description which sound file is for what operation is explained in the Sce.PlayStation.HighLevel.UI2.xml (the sound files are named "src1.vag" and so on...)
Download: files.rar (21.05 MB)


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when i change the login music it works but when i change the bgm it just continues to play the original ps4 music? thing is im over writing the bgm so the original shouldnt even exist anymore? if anyway could add there 2cents it would be great


That's nice ^^

i changed not the music but the webbrowser logo (300 kb png 24 bit) and then my webbrowser was slow as heck idk why ... so i couldnt run mira ... and now i did a fresh reinstall.... missing my themes :(

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