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PS3 CFW and Hacks       Thread starter PSXHAX       Start date Nov 2, 2016 at 12:03 AM       0      
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Following his previous DarkNet PS3 CFW and PS3 NOR and NAND Auto Patcher releases, today @darkjiros updated them both to DarkNet 4.81 CEX V1.00 CFW and PS3 NOR / NAND Auto Patcher v4.81 with the changlogs detailed below. :ninja:

Download: DARKNET_4.81_CEX V1.00_PS3UPDAT.PUP (196.4 MB) / PS3 Nor and Nand Auto Patcher v4.81 By darkjiros.rar (10.8 MB)

PUP MD5: 1394B918D5ADDCD06A473DBDD12D420F

From darkjiros on the DARKNET 4.81 CEX V1.00 CFW changelog and pictures:


1. Properly built from OFW 4.81
2. Install Package Files and App_Home
3. Patched LV0 to disable ECDSA check of CoreOS
4. Patched LV2 to add PEEK/POKE
5. Patched LV1 to disable LV2 Protection
6. Patched LV1 to add PEEK/ POKE
7. Games signed with keys up to 4.81 Supported
8. Can be updated over ANY CFW.
9. Can be updated over 3.55 OFW
10. RSOD bypass
11. ReactPSN Offline patch added
12. PSP Remaster / Minis supported added
13. QA FLAG Enabled by Default if it was previously applied
14. Enhanced Remote play with PC
15. In Screen game shot patch
16. 100% Cinavia Protection Fully Disabled
The game is not emulated. There is no payload.

DARKNET 4.81 CEX V1.00 0.jpg DARKNET 4.81 CEX V1.00 1.jpg DARKNET 4.81 CEX V1.00 2.jpg DARKNET 4.81 CEX V1.00 3.jpg DARKNET 4.81 CEX V1.00 4.jpg DARKNET 4.81 CEX V1.00 5.jpg DARKNET 4.81 CEX V1.00 6.jpg
And also from darkjiros on the PS3 Nor and Nand Auto Patcher v4.81 changelog:
  • Use Core DARKNET 4.81 CEX V1.00
rarfile_md5: E28DA527C2863745E0CCB086AEFA9D07

Finally, this is likely a clone of the above (so I won't do a separate article on it) but for those keeping track Team Strike has also released a PS3 CFW 4.81 CEX TEAM STRIKE! + IRISMAN 4.81 (HERE) with a demo video below.

The downloads are on their site, unfortunately I don't have an account there to login and mirror the files.

PS3 Nor and Nand Auto Patcher v4.81.jpg



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