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Earlier this year we saw Dimitrescu Castle in Capcom's Resident Evil Showcase alongside a Resident Evil Village Castle Demo, and following the fan-made R&C: Rift Apart Game in Dreams artist Martinitydk recently recreated Castle Dimitrescu for those in both the PS4 Scene and PS5 Scene to experience! 🏰

Download: Castle Dreams

A few demonstration videos can be found embedded below, with a LOT more available on Martin Nebelong's YouTube Channel including playlists, tips and tutorials for those interested in learning. 🎨

Castle Dreams - First Person Mode

Slowly turning this thing into something that resembles a game a big more. Made in Dreams on my PlayStation.

Castle Dreams Playthrough - Dreams PS5 Creation

Hey all, here's the latest version of this project that I started working on at the beginning of May. It's been by far the most elaborate personal Dreams creation I've worked on, and it's been a lot of fun so far so I expect to be adding more content over the next months. Let me know what you think of it so far! Music from Artlist.

Just when I thought the PS4 demo details were fantastic I watched the PS5 demo... which ended up being even more amazing. Excellent work! 😍
Dimitrescu Castle from Resident Evil Village Recreated in Dreams on PS4 PS5.jpg


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