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I'm working on a Doom PS4 homebrew game in Unity for PlayStation 4.

More information soon, only works on 4.55 OFW. In time, the apps main goal is to load Doom wads directly.

Download: PlisskenDooM-v0.4.pkg / Brutal PS4 DooM.pkg

Spoiler: Depreciated

Update: PlisskenDooM v0.2 loads .wad file directly for unity to build gameobjects and the world around the player.

General documentation and directions are to come very soon. I would also like to see this open for modding so documentation for that, as well as unity project files are on there way.

Doom PS4 Homebrew Game PKG in Unity by SnakePlissken.jpg



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odd, both pkg's say to update system software. I'm on 4.55... never mind. That was odd...

So the first pkg you can move but not shoot or open doors and the enemies don't move. The second pkg you can shoot but can't move. And I had to run hen-vr to get it to install properly. I reckon this is a ways off from being playable? I even plugged a k&m in and got nothing.

Not sure why the controls are set for the mouse pad either. That's probably the worst possible way to control that with a controller. Mouse pad (on ps4 controller) will aim and shoot and barrels will blow up... but nothing else. No movement.

Asks for 4.70 update, unless hen-vr is enabled... then you can get in game but can't do crap.


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Mouse and keyboard only. Controller support will come soon. Controller support was in v1 but I broke it in v2 somehow, and I'll fix this soon. I have not experienced this update but it's possible that a 4.55 update file is being bundled, under any circumstance this update should get blocked because Users of HEN get a update blocker installed and the post states that the app is for 4.55 so any users that experience what you did won't have any issues.

Yeah keyboard mouse only for now, will add controller support soon.

Will do

I'll see what I can do.

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