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I'm working on a Doom PS4 homebrew game in Unity for PlayStation 4.

More information soon, only works on 4.55 OFW. In time, the apps main goal is to load Doom wads directly.

Download: PlisskenDooM-v0.4.pkg / Brutal PS4 DooM.pkg

Spoiler: Depreciated

Update: PlisskenDooM v0.2 loads .wad file directly for unity to build gameobjects and the world around the player.

General documentation and directions are to come very soon. I would also like to see this open for modding so documentation for that, as well as unity project files are on there way.

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@MasterTurkey let me know what you think. and thank you to everyone else who's been checking this out.

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the app after install does not store the .wad file, it seems that all my skills are being pressed in the act of trying to pull of such a feature. i am working on it however. if your searching for a .wad and you find it let me know because that means it was pulled off and not noticed.

in the meantime. IF its custom maps you would like to see on your own ps4 then. what will do here for now is: develop the map, and send the custom map to me here, i always check these messages; and ill compile the map or maps into a developers edition of the game, and will release that. anyones welcome to do this just @ me with the .wad

NOTE: you must use doom builder to make custom maps and you can only use, edit, and save maps to Doom1.wad (shareware version).

(at the same time im sure i can only do such a thing for so long depending on demand and how many people want to make maps and send them to me, so ill try to find a solution)

also in the next version ill fix that little mistake i made with a certain wall in e1m1 ;)

I'll make everything with all zeros next time

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