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Oneoreight Studios is coming out with a new PlayStation 4 game that releases on November 1st called Earth's Dawn (I won't lie not a big fan of these games, but this one looks kinda cool).

Below is an Earth's Dawn PS4 gameplay trailer video, and to quote from Director Kuroki Takeshi:

"The gameplay of Earth's Dawn is fasted pasted, a mix of melee and shooting gameplay so players must learn how make use of gun, sword, and advanced attacks to string together combos.

Earth's Dawn PS4.jpg

I’m also very proud of the amount of customization we give the player for both weapons and abilities. As you defeat enemies, you’ll get materials to create new weapons and equipment. When crafting your gear, you can substitute in higher value versions of the components to raise the base stats on an item.

If you really enjoy using a particular weapon, you can also sacrifice more resources in order to level it up, making it even more powerful!"



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