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Following the Spider-Man PS4 Skeletal Models & Textures Tool comes a LittleBigPlanet File Editor / Texture Viewer with source code for LBP 1, 2 and 3 called Farctool2 by philosophofee on Github spanning PS3, PS Vita and PS4 consoles. 🤓

Download: farctool2.jar / GIT

According to the author's documentation, there is also an active Farctool2 fork from ennuo available HERE ( for the FARC, FAR4 and MAP file manipulation tool written in Java that includes mod support. (y)

From the forked, to quote: About

What is farctool2?

Farctool2 is a program I wrote for two reasons:
  1. To learn how Java can read and manipulate data streams, and
  2. Because I already knew the structures of the file formats this game used.
Why farctool "2"?

Farctool2 is the sequel to the original farctool, which was written in Game Maker 8.0.

  • Supports the loading of the FAR4, FARC, and MAP formats from the LittleBigPlanet games.
  • Supports texture viewing from every LBP game (excluding certain SDF types) except LBP Vita.
  • Supports extracting textures in 3 different formats: PNG, JPG, and DDS.
  • Supports extraction of any file as-is or decompressed.
  • Features adding files to the FARC.
  • Features adding, replacing, deleting, and zeroing entries from the MAP.
  • Features the ability to build packages from PLANs for ease of modding.
  • Features the ability to install said packages to any FARC and MAP.
  • Hex viewer (ft. Sporst)
  • Plaintext viewer for text-based files.
  • Supports dumping dependency list of LBP assets with reverse-lookup on GUIDs to filenames.

I did not create any of the games in question nor am I affiliated with any of the developers of these video games. All researched data was acquired via means of downloading game package files through a public database of direct-to-PSN URLs with no protection. Nothing malicious is intended. This program was written as a labor of love for the franchise and as a budding programmer's first major project.


The program was written by myself, with help from the following:
Spoiler: Original
Farctool2 LittleBigPlanet File Editor  Texture Viewer by Philosophofee.png


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