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With the Gold DualShock 4 Wireless Controller available until the end of this month at GameStop and BestBuy for $64.99, rumors of a Gold PS4 Slim 1TB box image and a June 9th release window were recently spotted on Reddit by marmaro8 (who has since deleted his account). :eek:

To quote from PlayStationLifeStyle: "According to an image from Reddit user marmaro8, Sony is preparing to launch a 1TB Gold PlayStation 4 Slim console. After another Reddit user pointed out that the image is from a Target, marmaro8 said the release date could be June 9 – just a few days prior to E3 2017.

As you may recall, Sony began offering the 1TB PS4 Slim in North America this past April for $299.99 USD/$379.99 CAD, so that could be the price of the Gold PS4 Slim. They also partnered with Taco Bell in 2015 to give away a Gold version of the older PS4 model."

Gold PS4 Slim 1TB Box Image & Rumors of June Release Spotted 3.jpg :arrow: Update: It appears the Gold PS4 Slim is a thing as Sliye (who works at Target) also posted an image of it now, stating the following:

"Some of you may know already, or maybe not. But I work at target and it looks like the PS4 gold is coming June 9th. Shows up on our equipment."

Christopher_Maxim also shared an image of one from Walmart who stated the following, to quote:

"Gold PS4 Confirmed - This Walmart put them out early. Register locked up when I tried to buy one and the staff realized their mistake. I snagged a pic before they brought them out back."

To quote from on the updated information:

"The model, a PS4 Slim with 1TB of memory, would be sold from June 9 for $249, which is the same price as the regular black model. The release of this new version would take place days before Sony’s E3 conference on June 12."

Gold PS4 Slim 1TB Box Image & Rumors of June Release Spotted 4.jpg Finally, shared an image from a Target ad confirming the Gold 1TB PS4 Slim for $249 starting this June 11th!

Let us know in the comments below if this rumored Gold PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB model is officially announced by Sony whether you'd indulge in the bling style or not! :cool:
Gold PS4 Slim 1TB Box Image & Rumors of June Release Spotted.jpg

Gold PS4 Slim 1TB Box Image & Rumors of June Release Spotted 2.jpg


Speaking of gamestop i'm trying to get a job there.... If i hear or see anything which i doubt but you know if anything happens i'll give you the scoop.
Someone who works at Walmart said the Gold PS4 Slim is a thing and they will be sold for $249.99 once officially announced next month... we'll see. :D
Interesting. Most of the time the US consoles of other colors would be bundled with a game (..example: Destiny White PS4 Bundle). While the gold PS4 Slim does look cool, I wouldn't be surprised at it being a reality. Heck, bring on more colors! I wouldn't mind having a royal blue or a reflective silver chrome PS4 Pro. lol....
I updated the OP with some additional details and pictures on the Gold PS4 Slim that's looking less like a rumor and more legit as E3 draws closer. :extremelyhappy:
The more and more i look at it i don't like the gold i rather have a white one or a black one but rather the white more.
@PSXHAX Its not a rumor anymore..

The Mediamarkt has accidentally incorporated the silver and gold PS4 Slim in its assortment. The announcement that there will be a silver and gold PS4 Slim has not yet been done, or all images are already online at retailers. Currently, a price tag of 379 euros is being added, but this is most likely a placeholder until Sony announces the actual price.
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