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Video game developers Facepunch Studios and Double Eleven announced that the harsh survival RPG Rust on PC is slated to launch on PlayStation 4 in 2020 complete with a PS4 announcement trailer video below! 😲

Here's further details on Rust for PS4 from Facepunch chief Garry Newman via Double Eleven's Natalie Wicks, to quote:

Rust already has a huge following on PC. Why do you think players have connected with the game so much?

Rust is a harsh survival game. A dumb move and you can lose hours, days, weeks or progress. A smart move and you can advance your position on the island by weeks. It’s a game of huge risks and huge rewards.

When you start out you’re going to be the underdog. You have a rock and everyone else seemingly has an AK. You need to work your way up. This isn’t a linear path. You could find a fully loaded corpse and springboard from there. You could find a quiet part of the island to create a base and build up to that. You could get some friends and work together to rule the whole island.

I think this is why it’s so popular. Every time you die you want revenge, you want to try a different strategy.

Part of the joy of Rust is finding or hosting a regular map to play on– will PlayStation players be able to rent their own servers?

Definitely. It’s important for us to allow players to take ownership and configure their servers to their own preferences.

What are you most looking forward to when Rust releases next year?

Rust spawns a lot of stories. In other games you might be in a situation, a horse kicking an NPC in the face or something, but you know that everyone else has had that situation. Every Rust player I’ve ever spoken to in real life has these stories.

A guy once told me a story about how he fell down a pit with no way to get out. So he had this situation where he had to throw all his guns, clothes, and ammo one by one up in the air for his squad mate to catch and keep safe for him. He was laughing so hard telling the story that he had tears in his eyes.

Rust - PS4 Announcement Teaser
Welcome to RUST - CONSOLE version video - PS4 and XBOX One (X019)
Harsh Survival RPG Rust Launches on PlayStation 4 in 2020.jpg


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