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Following the PS3 Game Backups on OFW 4.70 guide, this method by me (Hibatullah Albatawy on YouTube) details how to make PS3 CFW games work on any PlayStation 3 OFW with a summary from @djurist located HERE.

Note that it needs two units of PS3 the CFW as the master and OFW as the target.


1. download GAME_CONVERT.rar
2. extract it to C:, it will be PS3>Game Convert>Convert.bat and make_npdata.exe
3. copy any PS3_GAME that have LICDIR folder in it, if it doesn't have then you have to find it yourself with LIC.DAT Generator online
4. paste it inside Game Convert folder, it will be PS3_GAME, Convert.bat, make_npdata.exe
5. double click Convert.bat, type NPxxxxxx, these x are your retail game id. for instance, the game id is BLES12345, then you must type NPEB12345.
6. wait untill it finishes its job
7. make a glass of hot cocoa
8. when it's done, you can see a new folder exist.
9. download the patch update for that game (BLES12345) and extract it. put the eboot.bin out of it. place it in NPEB12345/USRDIR/
10. create a folder named TEST on an external HDD (FAT 32)
11. copy NPEB12345 and BLES12345 (the extracted patch update), paste it into folder TEST.
12. on PS3 CFW 4.81, copy the two files into dev_hdd0/game..
13. do Rebuild Database
14. the game will be shown in XMB
15. turn on PS3 OFW 4.81 and plug an ethernet cable and connect it to PS3 CFW one.
16. on CFW, go to Settings> System Settings> Data Transfer Utitlity> pick number 1> say no> say no> waiting for transfer> enter
17. on OFW do the same way, but pick number 2, just wait till it gets questions for asking to format, hit yes and yes.
18. and transferring, happy waiting
19. drink your no longer hot cocoa
20. profit

PS3 CFW Games On OFW Console.jpg



I know this is probably obvious but has anyone tried resending a game with FTP from the PS3 to PC after the rebuild database process and then inject the game into a OFW backup with jykku injector? If it doesn't work as it shouldn't then Phony did indeed patch the Backup Utility whilst leaving Data Transfer Utility open to the same vulnerability. Who'd have thought?
Can someone test that please ?
If it works it would be nice for users that don't have CFW ^^


Motogp15, GTA V, working perfectly. But didn't succeed in Pes 2013(Not ori game but patch game). In cfw working perfectly, but after transfer to ofw, the game didn't working. Appears error message like this " To play this game, you must insert the following disc. , Insert the disc, an then start the game again. (8001003E)."
What should do I to fix the problem?
anybody please help. . . .
thanks for appreciate.


Senior Member
1) GTA5 have 21 update , which one use to work ?
2) I have ps3tools, but which soft insert update in ps3 game ?
3) Games without update found, not work on ofw......more test in progress with psn games from psnstuff include C00...


COD MW3, COD Ghost, Little Big Planet 2, Batman Arkham City, Resident Evil Revelation 2, Splinter Cell Blacklist..i try all that games but still not work, some got Blank and some got error


It's Work!!!

can i ask something.... i have try games with BLES region and i use NPEB and it's work.

but when code for games is BCES, BLUS and another and i use NPEB code it always said "not found"
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