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PS3 CFW and Hacks       Thread starter mcmrc1       Start date Jan 4, 2016 at 11:22 PM       1      
Here are some new updates for the PS3 Iris Manager from Estwald for Custom Firmware users :)

Download: Iris Manager v2.95 / Iris Manager v2.96 / Iris Manager v2.97 / GIT / Wiki


New in version 2.97:
  • Added monitor temperature during the game, using monitor.prx (thank WebMan for the libraries used (a deank and others involved sceners))

In the XMB (press the PS button during gameplay):
  • SELECT + L2: On / Off display temperatures
  • SELECT + TRIANGLE: download monitor.sprx system module
New in version 2.96:
  • Added Controlfan by sm.sprx for Mamba / Cobra (if sm.self is not active Orion90 Credits.)
New in version 2.95:
  • Fixed Iris ISO tools and PC (now generates MGS V iso correctly)
  • Fix Error 009 now works to firm 4.90 (for games over console firmware)
  • Added support for new firmware Mamba (NZV thanks), and added new firmwares supported LIC.DAT fix for the firmware 4.55 (thanks Alexander, Aldo, Pelayin_5, Faxtron ...)
(Sorry I can not upload the file to the server EOL, but can not access via ftp for quite :D)