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Following the No ODE / IDPS Guide and PS3 CFW Games on Any CFW Guide, today I'm sharing a modded version of the PlayStation 3 GAME_CONVERT tools from tukil as part of Team HDX / KDW's CFW2OFW: PS3 CFW to OFW Game Converter Mod and Guide! (-:

Yes this is a remake, I have changed the language to English from Russian language, I put some guide script into this tools, and this is tool includes "make_npdata.exe" and "msvcr120" inside, whereas with GAME_CONVERT.bat some users have a bug and issues with msvcr120 missing while others have confused how to type game region code.

This tools use for convert your cfw game into ofw games, this is a mod version from Russian GAME_CONVERT tools, I make it simple , with some guide and game code guide, it will make you convert easily and fast, thanks for Russian Converter Tools Maker! :thumbup:

KDW CFW2OFW PS3 CFW to OFW Game Converter Mod and Guide.png

I have converted many games. You can check this google sheets to view my game list test and fix:



According to the FAQ NP is the PlayStation Network (Retail) and BLJS refers to a Japan third-party title.

My guess is if, for example, the Tekken 6 title ID is BLJS-10067 then it would be NPJB10067.
thanks this all fixes CFW2OFW Converter V11 make_npdata would throw out errors, after throwing this in and overriding runs smooth