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We've seen Flappy Bird PS4, the recent PS4 FappyBurd Arcade Edition .GMX project file from @bonusb4ll for GayMaker: Studio PS4 and today Cuban PlayStation 4 developer @Lapy (Twitter) has made available a PS4 homebrew Flappy Bird Clone Fake PKG dubbed Lapy's Chicken done in Unity 3D based on the version from dgkanatsios (GIT) with details below. :love:

Download: ED1234-NPXX10001_00-0000000000000000-A0100-V0101.pkg (62.2 MB) / ED1234-NPXX10001_00-0000000000000000-A0100-V0102.rar (59.75 MB - Updated Version by Lapy) / El_Pollo_de_Lapy_PSVita.rar (29.22 MB)

To quote from Fuctface via Reddit on the release: El Pollo de Lapy (Flappy Bird Clone)

Hey guys, this is a first Homebrew Game created by Lapy2016 it is a Flappy-Bird clone and has the ability to keep track of the high score. It is (possibly) the first PS4 Homebrew out of Cuba as well, according to the developer.

It is also available on Toxxic407's PS4-PKG-Store. It should be noted that I have not played this game, but was asked by the creator to post it.
Lapy's Chicken (Flappy Bird Clone) PS4 Homebrew Fake PKG by Lapy.jpg

Flappy Bird PS4 via donatelo27
:arrow: In related PlayStation 4 homebrew news today, @bonusb4ll is seeking someone to test his PSXHAXMEREO (Mario for PS4) PKG which can be seen pictured below if anyone's feeling froggy! :)

PSXHAXMEREO PS4 PKG by Bonusb4ll.jpg


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Never understood the hype about that game, therfore I won't start to play it now :D

Nevertheless every homebrew is a good one and very welcome
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