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Sony's latest PlayStation State of Play, which is scheduled to broadcast on September 14th at 5pm ET, will focus on the Indie and third-party game releases arriving in 2023 and beyond. :spsbuttoncolor:

Here's further details courtesy of Global Third Party Relations Head of Portfolio Director Shawne Benson via PlayStation Blog, to quote:

Hello everyone, I’m Shawne Benson, part of the Global Third Party Relations team here at PlayStation. And I’m excited to announce a new State of Play broadcast streaming tomorrow, September 14 at 2pm Pacific.

Tomorrow’s broadcast will focus on updates to previously announced games coming to PlayStation consoles. From indie and PS VR2 highlights, to major upcoming titles from our third-party partners, our latest show has something for everyone!

Here at PlayStation, our vision is to be the best place to play, and publish, great games. And because there are thousands of developers and publishers all around the world constantly making great games, our team has their work cut out for them.

I hope you can tune in tomorrow to check out a diverse selection of upcoming games.

It all begins Thursday, September 14 at 2pm PT / 5pm ET / 10pm BST on YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok.

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State of Play | September 14, 2023

:arrow: PS5 Deep Earth Collection: DualSense Controllers & PS5 Console Covers
Latest PlayStation State of Play to Focus on Indie & Third-party Games.png


I really enjoy everytime i check PlayStation's YouTube channel there are lots of new PS4 games. Of course, many of them are indies, still heart-warming.

I'm REALLY expecting MGS Collection and i hope bunny lord magician finds a new magic trick to dump and backport PSN titles, or we get a new jailbreak in that time.
@MiaWintrz Its probably not that complicated. He probably knows someone that has a jailbroken console on the latest firmware to download discless updates/dlc and sends him the dump to backport or he does it all himself.

Or maybe he extracts the clean game data via ftp to his pc (you don't need to be on current firmware to extract clean game files from the latest games. They just aren't decrypted) and decrypts/backports that way. The secret sauce is, what tools he's using.
@Gruntz Isn't FTP access impossible on latest online fw which is required for installing the latest games?

If backporting games is possible by retrieving retail pkgs from discs, idk why it isn't possible if a sony pkg link is provided.
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