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Move over GeoHot, Sony just hired one of Korea's top rappers Lee Joon-Kyung (aka Dok2) to sing their 'Only On' PlayStation song in a new video performance below. :bananaman9:

To quote from on this rather unusual decision by Sony:

"The music video, that you can see below, has pretty much all you can expect, including clips from PS4 games, thick shades and hoodies worn indoors, tattooed knuckles, giant PlayStation-branded bling, and Dok2’s beloved supercars.

If you care for Korean rap, you can find about two minutes of enjoyment in the video below."

After viewing it, I don't think George Hotz has anything to worry about yet... for those new to the scene who never saw his performance check it out below from his PS3 jailbreak days back in 2011:

Leading Korean Rapper Hired by Sony to Sing 'Only On' PlayStation.jpg


Not open for further replies.