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I’m talking about using the on system proxy settings under network settings x

And using Sock5 proxy list from google


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Please note: I won't be able to edit this post after 5 minutes! @PSXHAX can't you do something about that?
I tried for another Dev, but it ended up causing side-effects that led to the Mysqli lock wait timeout error that crashed the database a month or so back when we redirected the domain to our Discord.

We're still on crappy shared hosting, but slowly working towards a dedicated server (no ETA yet) so once we do that I'll revisit this suggestion and possibly allow Staff to edit indefinitely versus trying to mod Xenforo for individual users to do it. ;)

Nino Z

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So, just to clear things out - will any of these enable people to login to PSN like we used to with PSProxy? For example I am on 4.55 and can't login to PSN with PSProxy anymore. Will I be able to do it with any of these?
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